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Project Showcase

We craft elegant solutions using Innovative thinking to develop effective and sustainable solutions. Our Projects represent our vision of quality, clarity and client satisfaction

Markel Light Replacement

Project Name: LED lights replacement
Client: Markel
Location: London
Value: £120K

Duration: 12 weeks

Contractor: Winway Consultants

Winway were appointed to manage the replacement of LED light fittings across the Markel floors including cost reporting and management. This involved liaising with the different lighting manufacturers, complying with the specifications and ensuring the technical aspect is compliant.

Cambridge North West Development HVAC Handover Design

Project Name: Cambridge North West Development
Client: Dodd Group
Location: Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Value: £85K

Duration: 8 weeks (Project build 2 years)

Contractor: Hill

Winway were appointed to work on this housing development along with Hill and mechanical contractor, who are one of the biggest house developers in the UK. Winway provide all the services manuals as well as handover documents

Alpha mechanical HVAC system design

Project Name: Lacoste (Westfield)
Client: Alfa Mechanical 
Location: White City (Westfield) London
Value: £32K

Duration: 4 weeks (Project build 18weeks)

Contactor: Alpha Mechanical

Winway were appointed to conduct mechanical and electrical validation survey, in order to determine feasibility of the designs. Along with this Winway also carried out handover documentation for operations and maintenance purposes

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